2023-2024 College Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2023-2024 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Information


Assurance of Quality Statement

Bay de Noc Community College is committed to the graduation of high-quality students, capable of performing the entry level skills specified in the student’s major and possessing competencies included in the College’s general degree requirements. We offer assurance to our students, prospective employers, and to transferring institutions that individuals holding degrees or certificates with a “C” or better average in all courses are capable of competent performance.

Students who graduate from technical and occupational programs with a degree or certificate with a “C” or better average in all courses can be expected to perform competently in the area in which they were instructed. Any employer who views a Bay de Noc Community College graduate as not possessing appropriate entry level skills and can specify such deficiencies may request remediation. The student will be permitted to retake a specific course or courses at Bay de Noc Community College without an additional tuition charge provided the deficiency is identified as a generally accepted skill in his or her major.

Bay de Noc Community College has articulation agreements with a number of Michigan colleges and universities. These agreements guarantee the transfer-ability of equivalent courses within the curriculum. Students following those prescribed courses and programs provided for in the articulation agreements are assured of maximum transfer-ability of earned credits.

The College intends that graduates in transfer programs will be prepared to perform at a level equal to or better than students who spent their first two years at the transfer college.

The College will, upon recommendation from the institution to which the student transferred, permit the student to retake any course or courses in areas deemed deficient provided that a grade of “C” or better was awarded to the student while enrolled in the course or courses at Bay College. This retake at Bay College shall result in no tuition charges for the student.

The College recognizes that unused knowledge and skills decay rapidly; therefore, any requests for remediation must be made within one year of graduation.

Board adopted: July 11, 1990


Bay College Board of Trustees

The Bay College Board of Trustees is composed of seven members elected for six-year terms by the voters of Delta County. Michigan’s Community College Act of 1966, MCL 389.1, defines eligibility for membership on the Board of Trustees as follows: “Any qualified elector residing within the community college district or proposed community college district (Delta County) is eligible to be chosen as a board member.” Regular meetings of the Board are held once a month with special meetings called for specific purposes. Four committees have been established within the Board of Trustees to better facilitate the time allotted. These committees include, Buildings and Grounds, Finance, Personnel, and Student Success and Completion.

For Board of Trustees and College President Profiles: https://www.baycollege.edu/about/our-team/board-trustees.php


Foundation & Alumni

Foundation: Creating Student and Community Success

Since 1972, the Bay College Foundation has been providing educational opportunities and removing barriers to success. Every gift large and small has a vital role to play at Bay College. The Bay College Foundation invites you to share the gift of education. Be part of the dream helping others attain a college degree or certificate. Shape futures, change lives and enhance learning environments. Help Bay College and its students be the best they can be, in and out of the classroom. More information can be found here: www.baycollege.edu/foundation

Foundation Scholarships: Improving Educational Opportunities

Scholarships improve the educational opportunities available to new and returning Bay College students. Approximately two-thirds of Bay students qualify for financial aid, making scholarships vitally important to their future. Together, we can remove barriers to success and make a positive difference in people’s lives with scholarship support. Gifts of any amount, at any time, are greatly appreciated and are added to the general scholarship fund. Or create your own scholarship legacy to support student success, paying dividends year after year. Our Advancement Office will help you identify your preferences and customize your scholarship to meet your desires. The Financial Aid office will award deserving students based on your criteria. More information can be found here: www.baycollege.edu/scholarships

Alumni: A Proud Tradition of Success

Bay College Alumni is nearly 13,000 strong, with degree and certificate holders residing locally and around the globe. We invite you to stay in touch and be part of Bay College’s future. The Alumni Association provides networking connections, promotes Bay College and encourages people to attend and support the college. Bay looks forward to every semester end, adding to the number of active and proud Bay College Alumni. More information can be found here: www.baycollege.edu/alumni

Bay de Noc Community College is an independent, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation solely to support educational opportunities for Bay College, its students, and surrounding communities. EIN#38-2161915


Student Assessment

At Bay College, we are dedicated to serving students by providing effective teaching, which will enrich their knowledge and challenge them to expand their thinking in preparation for the future. As a means to track our progress, we have developed an institutional assessment plan that formally and systematically measures student learning at the course level, program level, and the institutional level.

A major focus of the assessment team is to monitor student success in meeting the General Education outcomes. All students at Bay College are expected to participate in assessment activities during their course of study. These activities are designed to improve the collection and analysis of useful information about teaching and learning techniques that work well at the college and help identify areas for improvement. We encourage and expect all students to take responsibility for their learning and to assist college officials with improving instruction and learning at Bay College.


Filing a Complaint with the Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau

The Michigan Post-Secondary Schools unit (PSS) within the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, Office of Employment and Training is the agency designated to review complaints against institutions of higher education providing distance education. Complaints concerning Bay College’s distance education activities regulated by Michigan’s Higher Education Authorization and Distance Education Reciprocal Exchange Act (2015 PA 45) may be directed to the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity Employment & Training, Post-Secondary Schools P.O. Box 30726, Lansing, MI 48907.

More information and the complaint form can be found here: Post-Secondary_Complaint_Instructions