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2014 Disposal of Equipment Policy

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It shall be the policy of the Bay de Noc Community College Board of Trustees to dispose of equipment that has been replaced, is no longer in use or needed by the College, or has been deemed to be obsolete or unserviceable.  The method of disposal shall be in a manner that serves the best interest of the College.



The primary responsibility for implementing this policy rests with the Vice President of Finance and Operations.


The value of goods scheduled for disposal will be determined based on original purchase price, age of item scheduled for disposal and current market value of such goods as determined by similar goods available in the market place.


Disposal may take the form of trade-in, sale or scrapping of goods.  The department requesting the disposal shall contact the Vice President of Finance and Operations to identify the appropriate method and process for disposal.


The Vice President of Finance and Operations, in conjunction with the Managers of Facilities, will determine whether any other department may have a need for the goods scheduled for disposal.  The goods may be retained in storage for future use, if such use is deemed highly likely.  When relocation or future use is deemed unlikely, the goods shall be scheduled for disposal according to one of the following processes:

  1. Trade-in on the purchase of replacement equipment.
  2. When the number of goods scheduled for disposal is sufficient in size to warrant disposal, the Director of Buildings and Grounds shall host an auction or participate in a joint governmental equipment auction to dispose of such equipment.
  3. Solicitation of bids shall occur when the goods are significant in value and/or require a timely disposal.
  4. An uncompetitive sale of goods shall occur only when the goods scheduled for disposal are unique and have limited application for use or for which prior attempts to sell have been unsuccessful.


Upon completion of disposal, the department administrator shall complete the Fixed Asset Disposal Form and forward to the Property Clerk in Shipping & Receiving for recording in the Fixed Asset Inventory Records.

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