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2011 Purchasing Policy

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It shall be the policy of the Bay de Noc Community College Board of Trustees to authorize purchasing up to the amount specified in the budget.

The best interest of the College and its purposes shall be the significant factors when individual purchases are made.

Sealed bids or quotes shall be required when the best interest of the College is served by taking them.

Purchasing for any purposes other than college use is prohibited.


2011.1 Procedures for Obtaining Bids or Quotes

The Vice President of Finance and Operations is primarily responsible for implementing the bidding or quotation process.  He/she is also authorized to accept or recommend the bid or quotation which is in the best interests of the College.

No purchase order shall be initiated unless funds are available to cover costs. The Purchasing Department may not commit college funds without the support of a properly approved requisition.

Goods and services must be received before June 30 if they are to be charged to the current budget year.  Purchase requests for the next fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) should not be made until that year’s budget has been approved by the Board.

Purchases exceeding $25,000
Sealed bids will be required for purchases exceeding $25,000 and which are available from more than one source.  When an item cost is below $25,000, the Vice President of Finance and Operations may obtain bid or quotations as he/she judges best.

In addition to the sealed bid requirement, a bid bond, cashier’s check, or certified check in the amount of five percent of the bid shall be required for construction projects estimated to exceed $100,000.

For purchases requiring sealed bids, the following regulations apply:

  1. Specifications shall be drawn in such a manner that legitimate suppliers shall not be eliminated from competition.
  2. Requests for bids will be posted on the College’s business office web page. Requests for bids may be published in news media in addition to sending bid information to those who have requested to be on the College’s bidder list.
  3. Bids shall be opened and read in public, at the time and place specified on the request for bid.
  4. Bids received after the specified time for bid opening, shall be returned to the vendor unopened.
  5. The lowest responsive bid or quote shall be accepted, unless there are other circumstances such as service, quality, vendor locale, or equipment and merchandise, which would indicate that the best interest of the College is served by accepting a bid or quote other than the lowest, or if all bids are rejected.
  6. The College has the right to reject any or all bids.
  7. Deviations from the above sealed bid regulations shall require the approval of the College President, and/or the Board of Trustees.

Purchases exceeding $10,000
At least three quotations (written, telephone, or catalog) shall be required if an item cost or multiples of the item exceed $10,000 but are less than the requirement for a sealed bid.

When an item cost is below $10,000, quotations may still be obtained if the purchasing department determines this is in the best interest of the college.

Computer Technology
Computer hardware, software, and related technology purchases are subject to approval by the Office of Information Technology.

Procedures Concerning Non-Discrimination
In a sincere effort to ensure that Bay de Noc Community College adheres to the letter and spirit of non-discrimination, the statement below shall be included in every bid or quotation request packet.

“The supplier in bidding, quoting and/or filling a purchase order agrees not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin or ancestry.  This covenant is required based upon Section 4 of Act no. 251, Public Acts of Michigan of 1955 and any breach thereof may be regarded as a material breach of the contract or purchase order.”

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