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1014 Public Information/Marketing Policy

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It shall be the policy of the Bay de Noc Community College Board of Trustees to regard community relations and public information as a function of primary importance and a responsibility of Board members, administration, faculty and all staff employees.

The Board of Trustees shall attempt to provide a continuous community relations and public information program and will support this program financially.

The purpose of the community relations - public information policy is:

  1. to inform the public about the purposes of the College and how these purposes are fulfilled.
  2. to establish confidence in the College.
  3. to encourage enthusiastic support for college programs and functions.
  4. to maintain and improve the partnership concept between the community and the College.
  5. to correct any misunderstanding regarding the programs and functions of the College.

Formal public communication will be coordinated through the Office of College Advancement.



The primary responsibility for the implementation of the community relations-public information policy rests with the President of the College.


This responsibility may be delegated or assigned to persons hired for that purpose.


The Chair of the Board of Trustees shall serve as the official spokesman for the body after the Board has made a decision or taken a position, and, while individual Board members may comment, “report or otherwise speak freely on policy matters,” it shall be made clear that they are speaking only as individual board members and not representing the Board as a whole.


It shall be further recognized that, while the Board Chair will serve as a spokesman on policy matters, the Administrative staff shall have the responsibility of speaking for the Administration on questions of carrying out the policies and shall represent the College in questions on college policies, administration, and management.


All college employees shall be encouraged to prepare press releases, reports of college events, projects, programs, and similar items that would be of interest to the Community.


Since all college publications are ultimately public documents, college personnel and students are expected to adhere to graphic and web publishing standards as published.All uses of the College’s logo and seal must be approved in advance by the College’s designated graphics specialist.


Employees are encouraged to work cooperatively with Advancement/Graphics personnel in the development of college publications to ensure uniform compliance with graphic standards.


All news media shall be used in the dissemination of community information. College employees are encouraged to work cooperatively with the news media personnel and shall inform the Office of College Advancement of pending media interaction.


An annual report may be prepared and widely disseminated.

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