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4025 Student and Community Complaint Policy

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It shall be the policy of the Bay de Noc Community College Board of Trustees to encourage students and the community to relay concerns about their experiences with the College and the services provided. Concerns about services and experiences are taken seriously and provide an opportunity to continually improve processes at the College. Student and community complaints and issues should be referred to the appropriate department for review and all college procedures for handling complaints should be followed.


4025.1 College Complaint Procedures

Complaint procedures for various departments and situations are documented in the college catalog.

4025.2 Procedure Review

Each department/owner is responsible for the review of the complaint procedure they oversee to ensure the procedure is up to date. Departments/owners are responsible to suggest and then implement appropriate changes to procedure, based on the continuous review of the complaint process.

4025.3 Recording Complaints

A record of each complaint will be housed in the appropriate location, and maintained under appropriate record retention rules.

4025.4 Review of Complaint Trends

No less than annually, each department/owner of the complaint processes should review and aggregate their log of complaints filed by students and/or the community. This aggregated report will be presented to PAC, with suggestions on improvements, in an effort to continually review and improve the customer experience at the College.

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