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4015 Attendance, Withdrawals, and Return of Title IV Funds Policy

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It shall be the policy of the Bay de Noc Community College Board of Trustees to encourage student attendance to maximize learning. All students are expected to attend classes for which they register. Attendance is considered when determining and disbursing financial aid. Decisions regarding attendance reporting, withdrawals, and the return of Title IV funds will be left to the judgement of Administration.


4015.1 Attendance

Instructors will determine student attendance for all courses, including online courses, based on agreed upon criteria and will provide attendance information to the college. Once attendance has been verified, financial aid disbursement amounts will be calculated.

4015.2 No-Show

Students are considered and reported as a “No Show” if the student registers for a class and does not attend during the first week of the term. In order to be considered in attendance,

  1. Traditional Classes: a student must attend a class meeting. If the student does not attend, the student is reported as a “No Show” and is dropped from the class, possibly affecting the student’s eligibility for financial aid.
  2. Online Classes, a student must complete and submit an academic graded event before the end of the first week of the term.

4015.3 Withdrawal

Students cannot simply stop attending classes. If a student cannot complete the semester, the student must withdraw using the withdraw process. See below for specific guidelines for withdrawing from classes. Students who do not properly withdraw will receive a grade of “F”. This may affect the student’s eligibility for financial aid.

4015.4 Unofficial Withdrawals

To establish the withdrawal date for students who unofficially withdraw (drop without notifying the school), the Financial Aid Office will use the last date of attendance from any of the student’s courses as determined by the instructor(s) reporting the information to calculate the funds to be returned to FSA.

4015.5 Non-registered Attendance

Students who attend classes without being properly registered for the class will not receive credit for the course.

4015.6 Refund of Title IV Funds

If a student withdraws from school during the
semester, the Financial Aid Office will determine the amount of the federal financial aid (grants or Federal Direct loans) the student has earned. If the student received more aid than earned, the excess funds must be returned. The amount of aid earned is based on the amount of time spent in academic attendance.

The Financial Aid Office will calculate the return of funds and students will be notified of the amount of aid that they were eligible to receive and of any outstanding balance the R2T4 calculation generated.

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