2021-2022 College Catalog 
    Jun 12, 2024  
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Agriculture, AAS

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Award Granted: Associate in Applied Science in Agriculture Major code: 03/304
Credits/Contacts Required: 61/62 CIP Code: 010102


The primary purpose of the AAS in Agriculture is to develop technically-prepared, career-ready graduates in agricultural operations. Upon completion, students would also receive a Certificate in Agricultural Operations through Michigan State University. Through a consortium between Bay College and Michigan State University’s Institute of Agricultural Technology, the program goal is to engage students in intensive and practical skill development that will serve to address the needs of the agricultural workforce. 

General Education Requirements (Min 17 Credits)

Program Requirements (Min 10 credits)

MSU IAT Program Requirements

ABM-130 - Farm Management Credit(s): 3

AE-131 - Agricultural Water Resource Management Credit(s): 3

AE-143 - Application of Precision Agriculture Technologies Credit(s): 3

AT-202 - Agriculture Regulation, Compliance and Safety Credit(s): 3

AT-293 - Professional Internship in Agriculture Technology Credit(s): 3

CSS-101 - Introduction to Crop Science Credit(s): 3

CSS-105 - Agricultural Industries Seminar Credit(s): 1

CSS-126 - Introduction to Weed Management Credit(s): 2

CSS-143 - Introduction to Soil Science Credit(s): 2

ENT-110 - Applied Entomology of Economic Plants Credit(s): 3

PLP-105 - Fundamentals of Applied Plant Pathology Credit(s): 2

XXXX-xxx - Agriculture Electives Credit(s): 6 **

Total - Credit(s): 34


*  Other mathematics credits may be accepted if higher level

** Student must also complete a minimum of 6 elective credits in the College of Agriculture and Natural Science Resources within the following disciplines: CSS, HRT, ANS, ABM, AT or AE as approved by the program coordinator in the institute of Agricultural Technology.

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